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An unlit, white candle in a clear jar. The wick is being snipped with wick trimmers.

Trim Your Wicks

Always make sure wicks are 1/4 of an inch long before each burn. This will keep the flame from being too high or too low. Remove wick tops that look like "mushrooms".

A single white candle in a clear jar burns on a table,  monitored by a person standing near it.

Watch Your Candle

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep lit candles away from children, pets, fans, air vents, and flammable materials.

A gold candle snuffer hovers above a recently extinguished white candle in a clear jar.

Snuffing the Flame

There are many ways of extinguishing a candle. You can blow out the flame, use a candle snuffer, or just put the lid on. 

A lit white candle in a clear jar, melted wax extends all the way to the sides of the jar.

Burn Time

When burning a candle, allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge before extinguishing. This will prevent wax from building up on the sides. Never let a candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time. 

A lit white candle in a clear jar burns atop a ceramic, heat resistant coaster.

Keep it on the Counter

Always place candles on a level, non flammable surface such as a table or counter top. Additionally, a coaster or tray is a good option to protect those surfaces as well.


Done is Done

When your candle has about 1/2 inch of wax remaining, don't light it anymore. Doing so can cause a fire. Instead, clean out and recycle the jar. 

Scary Window Silhouette


Knowing how to properly care for your hand-made soy wax candles allows you to not only burn them safely but also extend the life of the products. 

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